jennie jen jen (ibitemynailz) wrote,
jennie jen jen

broke as a joke or you cant count that

i need to send purses out. im at my grandmas. when i go home i think im going to make at least four. im sending lekkner a space kids purse, a hello sailor purse except its to be pink and white striped with black stars (it reminds me of being 15), a little mini bag that has lepoard print fishies on it and a plastic plant that says im just beachy, four hair pins, and i dont know what else yet. probably more. i have so many purses and ideas in the works. but i need money to pay roger. the lady who hit us was sentenced today. she gets 30 days, has to pay over 2000 dollars in fines, and has a breath test put in her car. good. i hope we settle that lawsuit soon. i really dont know or care much about its outcome. i just want it to be over. i wanna go back to skool shopping and get a haircut. that job needs to call me back. took my first drug test. wowed the lady that interviewed me last week. andys not home. hes hanging out with joonnnnnn. im really not a fan of the kid. really not a fan of how andy treats me when hes around. god its hot in here.
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