jennie jen jen (ibitemynailz) wrote,
jennie jen jen

cumquat is a dirty word that i cant even spell

boy am i tan. ive been out in the sun almost every single day for the past two weeks. sign me up for skin cancer. everyone who hates me, make a wish on the sun. strange dreams. some good, others horrific. despite the massive weight gain, i feel pretty as of late. ive mastered the art of applying eyeliner and shadow. melanie told me i didnt look like myself when we went to davids bridal. good. ive been spoiled rotten this week. absolutely rotten. andy had thursday off and we went to farenheit 9/11, played with a huskey, went swimming, went out to eat at golden phoenix, and he bought me a tshirt and shorts. weve been doing really really good lately. two and half months later and were still in the honeymoon phase. its nice. ive been on a diet for about two weeks and ive managed to gain five pounds. andy has to work late tonite and it really sucks. i should have done something sweet for him today like cleaned and made dinner but i really didnt feel like being alone. weve lived in the condos for a year and the other day we had our first introduction to a neighbor the other nite. his name is nick. hes fifteen. lives a floor below us. he likes to swim late at nite. i grabbed his legs and pretended to drown him. i think andys sister would really like him. i wish i knew more of our neighbors. an old lady sprayed me with her squirt gun yesterday while i was tanning. her great grandchildren, the grandma, and the mother were all swimming. i wish i had the nerve to start up a conversation. but knowing me the minute i knew anyone in the complex id be dying to avoid them. as it is i dont even answer my phone. i cant wait for thursday. andy only works four hours. i love spending days with him. dad bought me groceries and a new swim suit. its really cute. i felt young and loved when he gave me gas money. i really need a job. why were the refrigerator foods afraid? the milk went bad and turned rotten.
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