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today has been really nice. i went to the bank and finally transfered that money into my dads account. phheewwww. got that out of the way. then i went and visited my grandma. we talked about wedding stuff. how exciting! i went on line and did a little research. i was thinking about it and having the ceremony at saguaro ranch may not be the best idea. you can only have 150 people. and to make that work with the list i already have it would mean that i would have to cut out children and dates for everyone. i really dont want to do that. so i was looking at the arizona humane society and its sounding pretty good. in the main room you can have 250 guests seated comfortably and they have a patio thats nice for dancing. the prices arent bad either. i talked to pastor pope and he put me down on his calender. yeah! katie has desided to be in my wedding.... im pretty sure. that means i have two maids of honor. i read in a book that thats okay to do. im really excited about all of this planning. i bought the stuff i plan on making the bridesmaids boquettes with. i also bought huge tshirts that i plan on turning into mini halter dresses that say bride on them. im making a few. one for the engagement party, one for the dinner or breakfast i plan on having with my family after the wedding, and a few for the honeymoon. theyre gonna be really really cute. so i went to savers for the shirts and i found out that theyre hiring. i really wouldnt mind working there so im turning in an application tomorrow morning. i would have turned one in tonite but i look like ive been cleaning house all day. im really excited about starting on these mini dresses. and i really want a job so i can start saving for the wedding and buying things like what i need to make the invitations with. melanie just told me that theyre having a fourty percent off discount at hancocks this weekend. yeah! so i can buy my ruffles for my dresses and the fabric for the lettering. things are going so good lately. im afraid something bads going to happen to mess it all up. andy and i are so happy together. i love waking up next to him every morning and falling asleep with him every nite. i love falling asleep in his arms and waking up in the middle of the nite and cuddling up to his back. we spent monday and tuesday together and we had so much fun. monday was a blast! katie came over. we had a really good time. i love spending time with her. shes such a riot. i cleaned out the master bedroom, switched the beds, and bought a new bedspread for andy and my two month anneversary. i was going to clean the house and make him dinner tonite for the official day but im having a good time over at my dads and ive been out and about. god life is so good now. im so happy with the way everything is. i dyed my hair. it looks really really good. its brown now with a little bit of red in it. im gonna go start on those dresses now.
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